Prosecution narrative ( Premeditated murder )

Note: this page may no longer be up to date, since the state appeared to argue a different case in closing arguments, especially concerning the crime scene.

Opening argument: (incomplete-no recording of the start of the prosecution opening argument seems to be available).

Update: at last, someone posted a video taken off HLN :

This briefly describes the prosecution account of what happened before, during, and after the killing, which accounts for the evidence,
See Prosecution misconduct which gives the background to this issue.

Before the murder

Arias learns that Alexander is taking someone else on a trip to Cancun.
She is jealous, and decides to murder Alexander.
She takes a gun from her grandmother's house, and also $30 and a CD player, to make it look like a burglary.

She plans to travel to Mesa in Arizona, and takes steps to conceal her visit there.
She insists on not having a red hire car, so the police are less likely to pull her over.
She borrows two gas cans to avoid buying gas in Arizona.
She turns her rear number plate upside down to help conceal her movements.

The murder

See also Martinez Opening Argument for a transcript of Martinez' opening argument, with commentary.
While Alexander is in the shower, she stabs him in the chest with a knife ( that she presumably concealed somewhere during the long photoshoot ).
He staggers out of the shower, and goes over to the basin, coughing blood.
She repeatedly stabs him in the back as he stands over the sink.
He then turns and they fight.
Finally she cuts his throat when he is at the bedroom end of the hallway.
She drags him back up the corridor.
After he is dead she gets the gun and shoots him.


She deletes the pictures, puts bedding and clothing in the wash along with the camera and heads off with gun, knife and rope ( generally no dispute about facts after here ).
Could explain the prosecution theory about the gas cans here.
There is little factual dispute between the sides as to what happened afterwards apart from the gas cans.

Current problems: ( unexplained evidence )
(1) How does the picture of the bathroom ceiling fit in? Is that just an unexplained coincidence?
(2) Why does she not simply kill him when he asleep in bed with her?
(3) Is it credible that she can have sex with him when she is planning to kill him?
(4) Why does she make an appointment with Ryan Burns, and tells him to expect her. What if he reports her missing?
(5) Why does her diary show no hint of jealousy, let alone extreme jealousy?
(6) On earlier occasions, she accepts that he has relationships with other women (albeit she of course finds it upsetting at the stage when he is meant to be her faithful boyfriend).
At the point where Arias hypothetically decides to murder Alexander, she is no longer in a committed relationship with him and is dating other men.
Arias had earlier break-ups with men where she stayed friendly with them ( need to go into this is more detail ).
(7) Why do all the people who know her best ( ex-boyfriends,the psychologist,her friends) all think she is innocent (of pre-meditated murder)?
(8) The main problem with the prosecution case is the failure to explain the psychology of Arias. I need to go into this in more detail.
(9) She didn't stab him in the back from behind - see The Big Lie.
(10) The testimony from Horn about the gunshot coming last is highly doubtful, see Prosecution misconduct for more details.
(11) The blood evidence in the bathroom and the hallway.

Note: objections to these points are raised at
As noted there, I will tackle these individually in detail over a period of time.