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A wiki about Jodi Arias
Analysis, transcripts, photographs, exhibits, police reports, commentary.

The case
There is just one big question to be decided in this case: Did Jodi attack Travis Alexander or is it the other way round: Travis attacked Jodi and she defended herself. A key part of the defence case is that the reason Jodi did not admit to what happened for two years after she was arrested and put in jail is that she was too ashamed to confess to what had happened, even though Travis attacked her. So in 2008, she told lies and planned to kill herself, to prevent it all coming out.

Prosecution case in brief:

Jodi Arias steals a gun from her own home. A week later she arrives at Travis' place, spends the night with him, has sex then attacks him with a knife. This was because she was a jealous stalker - Travis was taking someone else on a business trip to Cancun. After all this careful planning, she leaves a camera with photos of herself committing the crime in a washing machine. Jodi has borderline personality disorder, she lied a lot after Travis was killed, so why should we believe her now? She is a "Femme Fatale".

Defence case in brief:

This is a self-defence, domestic violence case. Travis Alexander was abusing and controlling Jodi. He once choked her until she blacked out, he once broke her finger. She kept forgiving him, but on the day Travis died he got mad because there was a computer virus on his computer. She calmed him down, but then they went upstairs, and she accidentally dropped his very expensive camera. He had a bad a temper, he was angry and chased her around the apartment. She was scared, so she got his gun down from a shelf and pointed it at him to keep him away. But he kept coming the gun went off accidentally, he was shot, and he then threatened to kill her. Jodi remembered almost nothing about what happened after that. That can happen when you experience extreme terror. Also, in that state, you act on instinct and habit, you make irrational decisions. So Jodi ended up killing Travis, with a knife, even though she loved him. Travis had terrible wounds, and Jodi felt so ashamed and scared about what had happened, that she couldn't face up to saying what happened until she had been in jail for two years and received psychiatric help to restore her self-esteem.That unfortunately caused enormous prejudice against her, but she did not commit any crime. Jodi Arias is not a witch.

Problems with the case - why the verdict was wrong

1. Lack of motive/leakage. Women do not commit heinous murder for no good reason. There is no precedent in the history of crime.
2. The lead detective lied on oath. ( Gunshot was first )

3. The medical examiner's testimony was inconsistent with the autopsy report. ( Gunshot was first )
4. Key evidence was withheld by the state, resulting in long delays, while Jodi was unjustly locked up in jail for nearly five years awaiting trial, unable to afford bail.
5. The supposed motive was jealousy about Travis taking "Mimi" to Cancun. Jodi didn't even know about this.
6. An analysis of closing arguments shows that the basis of the final prosecution case was that Jodi did not return a gas can to a Walmart store in Salinas. The defense were not given a fair chance to challenge this evidence, and offered no cross examination of the Walmart witness, who had only worked at Walmart N. Main for 5 months. In fact Jodi returned a kerosene can to a different store, Walmart N. Davis five years earlier, so the evidence was misleading and worthless.
7. The trial was grossly unfair - counsel, witnesses, supporters, journalists and even jurors all received death threats.
8. One key defense witness was (without justification) threatened with perjury charges if he testified - as a result he did not testify.
9. The jury was not sequestered, and was contaminated by prejudicial live coverage on national nightly television. Jurors ran twitter in the jury room.
10. The day before the unsequestered jury delivered it's verdict,the governor of Arizona declared Jodi to be guilty.
11. The threats continued even into the penalty phase, where a mitigation witness did not testify after she and her young daughter were threatened.
12. Jodi was reckoned to be the most hated woman in America.
13. A proper evaluation of the evidence shows Jodi Arias to be entirely innocent of any crime.

May 8 Jodi was found guilty of premeditated first degree murder; 7 out of 12 jurors also found her guilty of premeditated felony murder. They failed to understand domestic violence.
May 10 Analysis of Closing Arguments.
May 23 The jury was hung in the penalty phase, and a mistrial was declared.
May 29 Huffington Meta : my commentary on what a juror should do when something seems "bizarre".
May 31 Horn Final from last day of testimony : Dura Mater being intact was a "Typographical error".
May 31 Horn "not familiar with research that talks about specifically about people getting hit with projectiles in their frontal lobe and not being incapacitated".
2 June transcript of Jodi's allocution.
7 June transcript of Post Allocution Interview ( see right ).
8 June This was a Witch Hunt - (the search for the Femme Fatale) describes the features that are common to modern media witch-hunts.
10 June Trial by Media - a list of high profile cases, intended to give a broad perspective.
11 June Intimidation of counsel, witnesses, supporters, journalists, jurors updated.
12 June the case of Melinda Duckett are Time Warner/CNN covering up for Nancy Grace?
18 June Nigella and Charles comparison with case in the UK news
18 June: Jodi Arias prosecutor opposes postponement of retrial Associated Press.
24 June Dirty Little Secret - reviews on the TV-movie and my comment
2 July Bee Gee Barry Gibb: I'm writing music about the Jodi Arias trial - just wonderful news....
16 July I Received A Letter From Jodi Today! - Jodi writes to one of her strongest supporters.
1 August Interview with Michael Kiefer - the local court reporter who covered the case.
3 August Daily Mail complaint - my complaint to the UK Press complaints commission and subsequent appeal to the PCC independent reviewer.

A letter from Jodi to all her supporters, in response to a postcard request:

"I don't think there are words in the English language that can fully describe how in awe I am of you all. You are a warm layer of protection from the negativity. This has been a very dark year for my family and I, and you are individual rays of light that add to a collective brightness that would not exist without you. You all rock. Seriously."
-- Jodi Anne Arias, sent from Estrella Jail, relayed to me (George) by another supporter (Krista), August 17, 2013.

28 August Why the Outcome Was Wrong My name is Amanda Chen. I am from Guangdong China and I am studying American law in the USA. I am not used to speaking my mind..
See also @jodiarias_gb Twitter news on #DomesticViolence and #JodiArias

Jodi remains locked up in jail, with a repeat trial on whether she should be executed by lethal injection later this year or in January 2014.
Even if you believe Jodi is guilty, is a woman with no criminal record, who killed her boyfriend, and who is trying to help others really deserving of the ultimate punishment?


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  • The Big Lie documents that contrary to press reports, Travis was stabbed 3 times not 27 times and that Jodi was defending herself against attack.
  • Hallway Blood Trail | Bathroom are notes on the crime scene.

Crime scene

If you read only one thing about Jodi Arias, please see Martinez jumps the shark - and understand how nonsensical Martinez' interpretation of the crime scene was.

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